Saturday, December 22, 2012

It is NOT too Late to Apply to UT Tyler for the Spring!

Another part of my job here at The University of Texas at Tyler is to call people and offer my super exclusive UT Tyler insider knowledge. ;) Which actually means I call them to answer any questions they may have!

I love the job, because it lets me use what I know about my school to help other students get to the point that I am in my life- Almost done with a college degree that will show that I can complete something. I can dedicate my time to a goal that is not fruitful right away, but supports me over time. College has not taught me what to learn, but how to learn, in ways that can be applied in every avenue of my professional life to come.

So, no, it is not too late to apply for Spring 2013! :) Late applications for admissions will be accepted at least through the first day of classes.
I encourage those who haven't to visit Apply Texas and fill out an application!

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