Friday, December 21, 2012


Deadlines – getting them before they get you 

   When you start planning anything like starting college, finishing a particular semester, or graduating you must, must, MUST understand the power that the word ‘deadline’ has for your plans.

   No joking, its urgent to understand this. The University system is a complex machine and so if you are not able to get material in on time than there is (very) little that can be done for you.

   One of the best things you can start by doing is looking your school’s academic calendar of events.
   For example, here is ours as it currently stands:

   One of the other great things you can do is to contact your Academic office, of the office/department of the place where you need to inquire about deadlines. Find their numbers, speak to the receptionist or chair and make sure to find deadlines for whatever it is you must learn about.

   Also, wherever possible – get deadline confirmations in writing or email. This will help you have records for your own use, as well as to provide a checkable source if you get conflicting information.

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