Monday, December 10, 2012

Know YOUR Study Needs!

As we are all aware, Finals Week is here at UT Tyler! This is my Finals Week face: 

Speaking of Finals Week, it's definitely time to hit the books hard and crack down on those study habits

Now, everyone has different preferences for studying, so in order to study effectively, you need to know yourself well enough to know what type environment you need for studying! 

Personally, I have to have something going on in the background - usually music! My choice of music entertainment comes from Pandora. You can create a free account, then have all kinds of different "stations" based on a song, artist, or genre! My Pandora consists of a lot of *chill* stations like Matt Nathanson, Boyce Avenue, Ed Sheeran, and Colbie Caillat

As for the environment, my preference is to study in a comfortable setting like somewhere in my house, my room, or the Business Building (where most of my classes are located). There's also some other GREAT places around campus for studying! 

So, my overall suggestions for your studies this week are: 

1. Know yourself and what you need. Adjust your study times/places/habits accordingly. 
2. Find a comfortable environment that will optimize your studying. 
3. Don't stress! Prepare as well as you can, and do your best on the test. There's nothing more you can do! 

Comment below and let me know some of your study tips/habits, and good luck this week fellow students! :)