Monday, December 10, 2012

Here Come Finals

There are less than two weeks until Christmas break here at UT Tyler, and that means... drumroll... FINALS!

I stress over tests badly, and I look enviously at the couple friends of mine who only have one or two finals to take. (I am however thankful that I am not one of the people who have more than one a day).

I have four finals coming up this week and I'm handling it the way any typical college student would: living at the library, pulling all-nighters, and drinking liters of coffee a day.

Many of you may be like my roommate, calmly studying in our room, going to SI sessions, taking lots of breaks and lots of naps, and eating 3 well-balanced meals a day.

I hope for the latter. Take care of yourself, get some sleep, and DON'T STRESS. A nice post I came across from earlier this year gave some awesome tips on how to destress.

Good luck on finals everyone! You can do it!

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Kat said...

Good luck to YOU, Chrissy. YOU can do it!! :D

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