Monday, December 3, 2012

Graduation, Moving, Apartments, OH MY!

My dearest UT Tyler friends, family, and fellow students, I am approaching a HUGE opportunity for change in my life right now. I will be graduated and done with my undergraduate career in two weeks, and this has been a long time coming! I definitely think that I am in the point in my life where a change is in order. :)

So, as you all read in Post UT-Tyler Life, I have been looking for potential employment opportunities for awhile now. Although nothing is set in stone, I finally had a couple of small breaks. Now, as I try to plan my future, I am learning that living on a budget while paying for rent and bills is NOT easy! I've always thought it would be cool/fun to get my own place, a cozy little 1 bedroom/1 bathroom apartment, but in reality, that's a tough task!

Basically, my life is a little crazy now, but it will work itself in the end. I'm sure of it! And if I figure out where my future is headed before I finish my duties here as a Student Blogger, I'll be SURE to let you know!


PS - Get ready for finals! You can do it!

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