Sunday, November 18, 2012

Post-UT Tyler Life

Ok, so graduation is coming. Like, in less than a month! Over the past several weeks I have applied to about 12 full-time jobs to start in January, and heard back from one. Yeah, not everyone tells you about how hard you have to WORK to get hired, even with a degree in your pocket!

As of right now, I plan to just keep pushing through and apply for ALL the jobs! Persistence is key. Maybe. We'll see!

Some things to do BEFORE you start applying:

1) Brush up your resume!
2) Review proper application etiquette - cover letters, references, interviews, and professional responses.
3) Know your audience, and only apply for jobs that you would ACTUALLY want to do!

Now, I've sifted through my Facebook to bring you The Progression of Kat - Awkward Pictures from My Past....... :P

High School Senior Kat - Spring 2008

College Freshman Kat - Fall 2008

College Sophomore Kat - Spring 2010

College Senior Kat - Summer 2011

College Senior Kat - Fall 2011


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