Monday, November 26, 2012

East Texas Flag Football

# 14! This was my 2nd year of club season.
Wow.. this was Junior year in high school!
 woohoo 1st place!!!
   I moved to Texas from California the summer before 5th grade started and thinking about it now, it really was an awful time to move. I don't know about you guys but around that time was a very awkward period of my life. I was still not quite sure how to dress myself, or fix my unruly frizzy hair ( which the Texas humidity emphasized to my disdain), and that's when I realize that boys.. well let's just say I saw them in a new light. So to help with my slump, my parents thought it would help to put me in a recreational sport so I can meet new friends, and get out of the house . Since my Mom played volleyball throughout her teenage years, she suggested I try it. I tried tennis in California and I greatly enjoyed it,
however I REFUSED to play outside since the Texas weather in the summer...well we all know how that is.I ended up playing up until my junior year. It got pretty serious. It was very time consuming so I ended up having to stop playing the piano, which I started playing in 3rd grade,  since volleyball pretty much ruled my life. I was in Club teams starting I believe freshman year. It was fun but very much tiring. Between numerous weekly practices, as well as traveling to other states every weekend for club, and when that is over then I go straight into the school season. And with that we had practices everyday. We had "two a days" which means practice before school, and then jump training, running, and weight lifting after school. It seems really awful, and believe me, when I had to run in the heat, as well as wake up at 6 am for practices, to me it really was awful. But I would not trade those years and experiences for ANYTHING! ( Not even for all the chocolate in the world. And I LOVE chocolate). However, I decided to end my volleyball days senior year. I got into our Varsity choir in school as well as the PALS ( Peer Assistance and Leadership Success  Organization that year, which means either stay in volleyball or turn those opportunities down. So I decided to pursue those other activities, focus on senior year and start the whole college process. 

  I greatly miss my sporting days. I know if you played a sport sometime in your life and do not now then you greatly appreciate opportunities to let you do so again! Hence, East Texas Flag Football! So it's not volleyball.. and I do enjoy watching my share of NFL games.. but by no means this 5 foot 3 inches and 117 pound girl can play football... But for those who enjoy and are capable of playing football then definitely consider this! 

The East Texas Flag Football  experience: 
  • players of any skill level to enjoy 5 on 5 tournaments using NFL style flag football in the East Texas arena. 
  •  adult leagues and a youth league will be available in early 2013.  
  • updating the website weekly with information and news 
  • providing players with  professional style experience through player profiles, rosters, stats, and highlight reels.
  • Registration includes your own official team page with stats tracking and player rankings.
  •  great chance for college students who love football to compete in year round tournaments and seasons, and many of the tournaments result in a cash prize for the winning team.
  •  benefit the community by providing events to raise funds for local charities and non-profits. Currently in the works is a benefit event for Tyler Type One.  This is a local program that assists children who are suffering from type one diabetes.  More info will be available in the coming months for Tyler Type One. 
 East Texas Flag Football provides opportunities for people of all ages and skill levels to stay fit and have fun.  

For more information about the league contact Samuel Stevens at 903-920-9036, or visit the website at


Jayce Miller said...

Looks fun I'll definitely give it a shot!

Samuel Stevens said...

Thanks for the exposure guys!

If you're interested in ETFF, Give me a call.

Samuel Stevens

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