Thursday, October 27, 2011

Humans vs Zombies: Day 3

^hunters, held up in their fortress, unsure of how to outsmart the waiting zombies

Hello my faithful readers, I have returned safely from my travels to deliver the daily report. Unfortunately, I was unable to free myself to track groups today and keep track of the daily activities, but from reports I see that the mission for both sides was the recovery of 3 items, that were released periodically by MODS special operatives. The objects were a mysterious elixir, dubbed "Perk-a-Cola" acted as a steroid-type of liquid, granting the drinker superhuman abilities, zombies skin would harden, granting invincibility from gun shots, but not to the grenades and other propelled weaponry. It would grant the humans immunity to bites and could be divided into 3 antidotes that could be handed out to others.

At the main night mission, the scientist's daughter, whom was recovered from the previous night, needed the survivors to retrieve a minimum of 2 of the 3 key ingredients required for her father's protype antidote which was proven to be a success in small doses. The hunters were sent out at the same time as the zombie horde to retrieve the ingredients for destruction. From the reports I've received, the humans have lost this mission, and the zombies triumphant in the night mission, the possible antidote, lost forever. And it has been made aware to me that 2 MODS special units have been infected and will be active members of the horde, except they have the ability to wield weaponry and can attack from anywhere, nowhere is safe from the MODS.

Once I had the means, I ventured from my broadcast tower to scout the area, I found a horde and thanks to my amazing abilities I was able to blend in among them and walk as one, without being attacked. As I arrived on the scene a hapless survivor was attacked and zombified, and countless others trapped in buildings across the war zone, looking at the growing army of zombies, unsure of their next move. I was able to see 2 hunters try their best to outsmart the juggernaut zombie, and I say to you, how impressive was he, I saw the Juggernaut scale down a wall to get to a hunter quicker, saw him run up to the horde to assist, at a speed I could not easily recreate in words. Through my correspondence at least one of the hunters was able to survive the encounter, no word on the second.

I had observed while blending in with the group that many of the zombies present were hunters I had seen at the mission the night before, no word on when they were taken, but it is something to see these former hunters tracking down and overtaking their former comrades with such ferocity as I have come to expect from the zombie horde. By all reports the zombie numbers have nearly doubled from the day before, perhaps angered by the triumph of the hunters the night before, attacked aggressively throughout the day evening the scales and robbing the hunters of their safety in numbers. As it stands now, 123 hunters remain and 86 zombies rise from the crypt, growing every moment. Watch your back, watch your sides, watch your front, and if they keep at this pace, watch the hunter next to you.

The horde, contemplating their next attack-

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