Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Humans vs Zombies: Day 2

"This is intense, it's like a war out here" - Martin Sloane

As I rest from the battles of the day, weary from my travels, I have come for the daily broadcast. I decided to leave the safety of my broadcast tower and throw myself into the middle of the grand melee in order to obtain perspective on the conflict at large. The virus spreads like a wildfire faithful listeners, the campus is filled with roving hordes of these beasts who seem to be filled with this inexhaustible energy and fervor for combat. I have constantly been amazed and impressed at the speed of the zombies, their use of flanking and feint attacks suggest an intelligence that will change what the medical professionals have thought for years, those who have been fooled by popular media that zombies are slow movers with only animal instincts, I am here to refute these claims.

I was able to locate a team of hunters who were well equipped for the battle at hand, and followed them on their mission, the mission for the day was to secure an unknown package left carelessly by a MODS special operative, the contents unknown, but perhaps... more precious antidote for the weary survivors who are losing their advantage in numbers. So I followed, careful not to draw attention to myself or stand in the line of fire, lest I be claimed as another casualty statistic. The group I was with stayed in a tight group, haunted from the back by a zombie pack, numbers in the hunters favor they grouped off 2 to each zombie, 6 hunters, 3 zombies, an intense game of cat and mouse began, and the standoff lasted for 10 minutes each side rushing and retreating, testing the lines, ever careful to not fall into an ambush from either side. Unfortunately, for this group, a stray zombie, acting as a decoy, allowed their defenses to drop, and I watched in horror as a lone member of their group, a young woman whom I had just met not 20 minutes ago, was picked off and zombified before my very eyes. The horrors of war will be felt by both sides, and by those not on any side at all.
This is the group here, including the young woman who didn't make it.

The package, never retrieved, the zombies had a tight grip on the package and destroyed the contents, never for the eyes of this world. The main mission laid before both teams, the humans, were to recover a young woman, the daughter of a prestigious Doctor, and perhaps the hope for all of humanity. The hunters set off in droves, giant packs at least 15 to each party, split up to search for the young woman to rescue her, the zombies, to destroy her, and however many hunters they could find. At this juncture the human numbers vastly outnumbered the zombies, staying in formations and keeping a happy trigger finger protected them and the young lady from any zombie threat. The hunters did not escape unscathed however, and lost a few overzealous members to the ever persistent horde, new recruits in the growing army. The young woman was brought to the safe point safely and the war, for the moment, seems to be at a standstill, both sides eager for the fight tomorrow, and with that, I shall leave the broadcast, danger lurks behind every corner, every tree, every doorway, they will not stop, they will not tire, they are many, they are legion, and they are coming for you, sleep tight.

a MODS operative telling the mission to the Hunter army

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