Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Too Busy to Work Out

At the very beginning of this fall semester I made such a big deal about being able to work out. Well, now it's week five, and I've not really done any such work out.
My 3 on-line classes keep me pretty busy. So much that when I complete assignments, it's already dark outside.
True, they are on-line, but I also work in the afternoons, and every other night during the week I have meetings with various groups.
But! This morning I met up with my bf and we went walking this morning around 8:30 and walked/jogged 3.7 miles.
By 9:45 we're driving up to my house all hot and sweaty. By waking up early, I was able to put in some exercise time.
Since I'm still asleep during these morning hours, I think it was well worth it because that should leave the late morning/afternoons available for me to get some homework done. :)

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