Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Reliving a memory...

This past Sunday, September 18, marked an occasion that made me happy as well as a little sad at the same time. About 10 people and myself from the Patriot Village apartments went Carmike Cinema to see The Lion King. Anyone who was born in the last decade of the 90s knows how awesome this movie is, not only as a film but as a childhood milestone. It might have been the first movie I ever saw in a theater with my mother when I was around three years old. I sat through the movie, partially heartbroken, as I remembered all of the old songs and dialogue.  It made me realize how old I was getting. Twenty years is hardly aged, but it put a lot of thoughts in my head. The next hour and a half would be the best time I had spent all year. By the time the credits started rolling, I wanted to go home and re-watch all of my old Disney movies. Good thing I have Christmas Break for that. Hopefully, I won't be the only one reliving my childhood with these movies.

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