Tuesday, January 25, 2011

UT Tyler Website

Yesterday we participated in a focus group to help improve the UT Tyler's web page, to make it more accessible and to make it overall just a more enjoyable experience. We discussed the school a great deal and when the answer came of "What could we do to make the school better?" I honestly didn't have an answer for that. I know most students would mention the parking, but honestly I never have a problem with parking, but I also dont mind walking a little bit. But honestly, I love this school. I have yet to have a negative experience with it. The thing that came to my mind first when she asked "What is one thing that stands out" I immediately started to talk about how absolutely gorgeous the campus is. Right now it's so cold and dreary out, but on the summer days when there's not a cloud in sight and you have that big gorgeous blue sky, this campus shines like a diamond. It's one of the things that convinced me to move to Tyler. It was just how beautiful not only the campus is, but the city itself. It's so breathtaking that I hope I never get used to it or forget what it was like. I really care about this University and the people that run it, they gave me this amazing job and for that I cannot thank them enough.

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