Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Level 1 Nursing

So I am going to post a little bit about my experience through level 1 of the nursing program.


The books for nursing school are very expensive. I did quite a bit of research on prices before I decided who I would buy them from. There are ways to get cheaper books, usually used is a better way to go. Renting books is also possible, but supposedly we'll be using our books throughout the program so sending them back to a rental store each semester is not really an option.


Studying for nursing tests is pretty rough. I used a book called Successful Problem-Solving & Test-Taking for Beginning Nursing Students to help me get used to the style of questions that are on the tests.


During level 1 clinicals don't start immediately. The semester is divided up where you are in the lab learning all the different procedures that nurses do on a regular basis and the rest of the semester you're at the hospital. The lab days and the hospital days are pretty long. I typically went to sleep immediately after I got home if I didn't have to work. There is also quite a bit of preclinical work that is done before you show up to a clinical session. This work takes a lot of time especially if the patient has a lot of medications.


I typically work around 15-22 hours a week while doing nursing full time. I feel like 20 hours is pretty difficult to work and keep up with school work. This is especially true for me since I try to put in about 10-12 hours of exercise a week as well. Having a job where you can request off when you need is also a good idea. I also never work the day before a test.

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