Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And the studying begins..

            Started classes today, which I wasn't too excited about but in the end it ended up being a good day! I had Intro to Clinical and Counseling Psychology at 9:30 which I think will end up being my favorite class because counseling is what I want to do. At 2:00 I had Physiological Psychology which is probably going to be my hardest class, but really interesting at the same time.
           On Monday,Wednesdays and Fridays I have Developmental Psychology which I think will be my least favorite class because I have heard some pretty bad things about this class. I don't have a choice though because this class is required and there is only one professor that teaches it. I also have two online classes, Multi-Cultural Studies and Sex Roles and the Life Cycle which I'm a little nervous about because I'm hoping I don't end up forgetting about them, they're are really interesting though so I don't think I will.
          Also I'm a little nervous because I have taken online classes in the past and they have been really easy but I've heard here at UT Tyler they're a lot harder. Hope everyone else has had a good first day back!

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