Thursday, April 10, 2014

Rainy Day Fashion Tips!

While the sun seems to be out and shining for good now, given Sunday’s deluge and the unpredictability of Texas weather, it seems to be a pretty good idea to have a variety of options available for what to wear. Everybody loves a good spring cleaning, but it can be quite an unpleasant surprise when the day after taking one’s winter wardrobe into storage, the weather decides to make one last encore performance of Disney’s Frozen.

Much true, Very cliche, so relate-able

Don’t be caught off guard! Here are some fun ideas for rainy day fashion (:

-Invest in some rubber rain boots. I have a rainbow polka dotted pair that I bought for $20 from Wal-Mart. Is it raining? I wear them. Is it snowing? I wear them. I will definitely be wearing them for the eruption of Yosemite’s super volcano. Rubber rain boots are the Nokia cell phones of the footwear world. They protect your feet from mud, keep your feet warm, and prevent against getting the bottom of your jean’s wet.

-That being said, dark wash skinny jeans are amazing. They disguise rain spots and in case you slip and fall in any mud puddles. Skinny jeans tuck neatly into rubber rain boots and stay dry, therefore keeping you warm. Gross, wet, clammy feet are a thing of the past!

Not your typical black wellies! 
-Buy in a cute, but inexpensive umbrella. Accessories are usually fairly inexpensive ways to quickly update and change a look. Also, if it is a print you like, it will help cheer you up on a dreary, grey, rainy day!

Trench coats are the LBD of protective outerwear!
-Trench coats=fierceness! They capture the allure and mystery of film noir glamour. That and they can add some drama to an otherwise very simple outfit! Is it laundry day and all that is left is that one embarrassing jumper your great aunt gave you and a pair of jeans? Put your trench coat on and never fear. The world won’t see your jumper.

-Layers are your friend whenever the weather is wet and cold. Make like Shrek and realize that the best things in life have layers: cake, lasagna, cute haircuts, the list goes on and on! The key is in picking the proper fabrics. Wear your favorite over sized sweater over a tank top and a skirt or shorts, even. To balance out the top, wear your favorite clunky heels to keep your feet out of water. Or see Tip 1 and wear rain boots. It is amazing how versatile and easy it is to dress up rain boots.

Keep calm and splash on <3
Next time someone knocks on your door and asks you if you want to build a snowman, go ahead and say "YES!" because you will have awesome inclement weather style tips under your belt.

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