Saturday, April 19, 2014

CAB Comedy Night event got people on stage

The University of Texas at Tyler welcomed comedian Josh Sneed to the UC Sports Cafe. The comedian brought his unique brand of humor to the nights frivolity which was also supported by Brunos Pizza and sodas. If you were unable to actually make the event, here is a sample of one of the pieces he performed on stage

For those who might not know what CAB is, it is the Campus Activities group and you can always find more information about them here! If you were curious about Brunos, the group who supplied the pizza, check out their information here!

Before picture - Pizza remains. This did not last long!

UT Tyler's Jennifer Skinner (2013's Adviser of the year!) and Josh Sneed

Quite the audience had gathered to see Josh perform.

The contestants gather!

The final picture here is worth pointing out because Josh Sneed welcomed volunteers to gather and tell their own jokes in front of everyone. The contestants bravely told their own jokes to the applause of the crowd who appreciated their bravery. Comedy is difficult because standing up in front an audience takes a lot of guts. While Josh Sneed's stylings were his own. the UTT students who got up before their peers were considered by some to the genuine stars of the night.

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