Sunday, March 16, 2014

UT Tyler CAB hosts hypnotist

     The human mind is the most complex, and intricate wonder of the world. It controls your thoughts and actions. You are in control of your own mind. Have you ever wondered what would happen when you no longer have conscious control? This is where Sailesh, the hypnotist comes into play!

     Sailesh is a hypnotist that provides entertainment through live shows with music. He tours around the U.S., Canada and Europe providing entertainment for various audiences. This past Wednesday, March 5, Sailesh performed his world act on student volunteers at The University of Texas at Tyler University Center Theater. The show was hosted by Campus Activities Board

Students under hypnosis
     The show began with Sailesh asking for volunteers. Each volunteer was put to sleep through his voice and instruction. The show varied in acts. Such acts included where students were hit with a sleep gun comprised of Sailesh making them believe his fingers were a sleep gun and shot them. He made them believe they were on an astronaut mission to Mars, with them shaking on their chairs from the turbulence and disbelief filled faces as they saw aliens. He made a student's belt turn into a snake in their mind. He passed the snake over them causing flinching and head turns in fear.There was even slow dancing. One student had ice packs from physical pain due to training, once in trance, she no longer felt the pain. This was because her mind was no longer focused on thinking there was pain. This again shows how powerful the mind is.

     Students were in a trance of sleep and consciousness. They knew what they were doing but felt the need to do silly things without question as instructed by Sailesh. The night was full packed of laughter and curiosity as students did things on instruction that were purely for laughs.

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