Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring Break Blues

   Back to reality..   UT Tyler's Spring Break is over, and eveyone is either still in Spring break mode, still dreaming about Spring Break, or college student like me, who wished their Spring Break was a lot more eventful.

      I spent a majority of my Spring Break, unfortunately cooped up in a library since I had a test the Monday morning after Spring Break... That's nursing school for ya! I did however went to Marble Falls, Tx to go zip lining! Marble Falls is about 30 minutes outside of Austin. Speaking of Austin, I just want to express my condolances to the vicitms of the SXSW car aaccident.


A turkey hanging out in the parking lot.. typical right? :p  
    I went toCypress Valley Canopy Tours. Sadly, I wasn't able to take pictures while I was actually zip lining :( but here are some pictures I took !

 I'm really scared of heights but I found zip lining
 so much fun!
My main concern was,that it was going to feel all wobbley on the line, but the harnest made the ride so smooth! My parents had the chance to zip line in Puerto Vallarta, and they said the lines are longer and higher! I can't wait till I get a chance to experience that!

What was your Spring Break like? I hope next year mine would be a lot more eventful.. perhaps somwhere more tropical :)
here's some zip lining videos you might enjoy! 

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