Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cowan Center Presents: The Addams Family

              Gomez.....Morticia.....Uncle Fester.... Wednesday...... Pugsley.....Lurch... Thing..... Do these names sound familiar to you? Well, if you are a 90's child like myself, you probably grew up watching The Addams Family! 

     One of the most well-known family, The Addams , was aired from 1964-1966. It was first seen as a cartoon created by an American catoonist, Charles Addams. The Addams family is a satirical inversion of the ideal American family. The Addams family are eccentric, a grim atmosphere, and are unaware that people find them frightening and bizarre. Gomez Addams is a wealthy man who is madly in love with his wife Morticia. They have a daughter Wednesday as well as a son,Pugsley. The Addams live on 0001 Cemetery Lane with Grandmama, Lurch, the butler, and Thing, a disembodied hand that appears out of wooden box. 

    The Addams Family is quite oblivious how the world perceives them. They invariably treat visitors with great warmth and courtesy although their guests often have evil intentions. They are puzzled by the horrified reactions to their good-natured and normal behavior since they are under the impression that their macabre tastes are shared by most of society. Consequently, the Addamses view "conventional" tastes with generally tolerant suspicion

   This black and white television show comes to life as The Addams Family Broadway Musical at the UT Tyler campus on Friday, April 4, 2014 •7:30 PM at the Cowan Center

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