Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Coffee with a Cause

What seemed like a totally normal day in my Lifespan Development class turned out to be anything but normal. The class is so thought provoking and leaves me feeling intellectually stimulated. For real, every axon feels charged in the best possible way! After our usual 7:30 break, we got a guest speaker. I lowered my laptop so I could see her (I sit in the back row), excited to receive the message. I had no idea what it was going to be about, but I knew it was going to be good!

above: Ms. Missy Zivney (in pink)

Our speaker, who introduced herself as Missy Zivney, began handing out brochures. Initially excited, once I read what they were about, my heart sank. The brochure was all about sex trafficking in Tyler, Texas and the statistics around this very touchy topic. She began her presentation simply saying that she was going to inform us and spread awareness. My first thoughts (I will admit) were of denial. This couldn’t possibly be happening here! I was all ears for her very poignant message. She said she went to schools and organizations and wanted to inform people so they could be able to recognize the signs that a minor is being sex trafficked. Tears rolled down my face periodically as I wondered how many other people had the same thought I did: “There’s no way this could be happening here.”

Justice never tasted so good!
By the end of the movie, with my eyeliner smudged, she answered the every student’s question: what can we do to help? After all, with all of the information and statistics presented, the situation seemed bleak at best and hopeless at worst. Ms. Zivney told us about how there is a non-profit organization called Refuge of Light building a safe house for these trafficked girls here in Tyler. While a great fix, we wanted a tangible way to help. I could feel my heart flutter as I could already smell the bake sale cookies and car wash soap as a way to raise funds for the cause.

You can literally taste The Justice! It's a drink here! :)
As if she could read our thoughts, she told us about the Grounds for Justice coffee shop on Fifth Street where the proceeds go to providing a safe home for these sex trafficked victims and where people can get more information about volunteer opportunities. Everyone’s posture picked up. Around midterms, who wouldn’t want to go for a cup of coffee? Those tests don’t study for themselves, you know. I decided to take down the address and go check it out for myself! I went Saturday and fell in love with their drink called “The Justice”, which is a scrumptious blend of dark chocolate and hazelnut.

Honestly, what is better than coffee with a cause?

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