Monday, March 31, 2014

Amelia's Farewell

   This past Friday, I had to say, "See you later" to someone very close to the Student Call Center . After 5 years at UT Tyler , Amelia Harrell sets of on a new adventure! Amelia (or Amy) established the Call Center here at UT Tyler. She was actually the one who hired me for this job almost two years ago when I applied on Patriot Jobs !

     This woman is such an amazing person. It's still a bit emotional for me to write about her leaving so i'll keep it brief. Amelia will truly be missed in The Office of Admissions, especially here at the Call Center. She put so much effort and dedication towards the success of our office here. She invested so much time and energy to train each of us, write manuals, and about one hundred other things to make the Call Center,  Preview Day and other Admission events so successful.

    Amelia wasn't just a boss, she was a friend, a confidant. She was there not just to improve her student's job performance but also someone you can count on inside and outside work. In my experience specifically, Amelia was there when I needed advice and encouragement. She opened and offered her home and friendship to each of us, and with that, it will be very hard to see her leave. However, on behalf of the Call Center, we cannot express how much we are happy to see her start this new adventure! We are so proud of all the things Amelia has accomplished and with this outstanding opportunity, we know she will touch other people's lives the same as she did with each of ours.

   Congratulations Amelia! We will miss you! Best wishes and we cannot wait to see what this new adventure holds for you! 


Roger Sims Jr. said...

Great Blog Gabby! I even got a little misty reading that one.

aharrell said...

Need... Kleenex....can't see the screen...... :-(

aharrell said...

And, might I add, you did a great job with your links and pics! ;-)

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful!

-Megan E. Allen

Keerin said...

;___; I miss you already!! Hope you're having fun out there! This is awesome, Gabby!

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