Friday, February 28, 2014

March Madness at UT Tyler!

So this is the end of sweater weather! As of March 22, 2014, it will be the first of spring. With Spring Break a mere few weeks away (it starts on March 8!) and the weather warming up, I think it is safe to say that the cold weather is a thing of the past. Long live the days of rolling the windows down and cruising down the highway to your favorite jams on the radio! Okay, maybe that is just me.

Let's just take a deep breath and say it with me!

Here is a list of fun things to celebrate in March, aside from the warmer weather!

March 1: Peanut Butter Lover’s Day! Make yourself a sandwich, Reese’s Peanut Buttercup, whatever you want~
March 2: Old Stuff Day! (I guess this is the day we all make “your mom jokes”?) 
On Wednesdays, we wear pink.
March 3: If Pets Had Thumbs Day! This is one of those thoughts you get when you haven’t had enough sleep.
March 4: Holy Experiment Day! To each his own, right?
March 5: Multiple Personalities Day! This sounds like the potential for total chaos, but as long as no one gets hurt.
March 6: Frozen Food Day! Just be careful with those Hot Pockets and you know how they never heat up properly.
March 7: Crown Roast of Pork Day! This one is oddly specific. Celebrate pork?
March 8: Be Nasty Day! Just be grumpy and mean? I don’t think I like this holiday very much L
March 9: Panic Day! Whatever you do… Don’t keep calm!
March 10: Festival of Life in the Cracks Day! (No plumbers or those 90’s hip huggers allowed, keep it SFW)
March 11: Worship of Tools Day! Pick up Mjolnir and pretend to be an Avenger! Yell out “Avengers Assemble!” (Okay, maybe again that will be just me)
March 12: Alfred Hitchcock Day! Spend a day googling who this was! Come on, fair peeking is allowed
March 13: Ear Muff Day! It may be too hot for these now here in Texas, but it is the spirit that counts.
March 14: Potato Chip Day! Pick a crisp of your choice and have at it~
My money is on the Maple Moose Lays <3
March 15: Everything You Think is Wrong Day! While it feels like this is true sometimes in very difficult classes, this time we celebrate that feeling of mind-numbing confusion!
March 16: Everything You Do is Right! To boost your confidence after yesterday’s…activities…
March 17: Submarine Day! Listen to The Beatles and imagine that you’re living in a yellow submarine.
March 18: Supreme Sacrifice Day! While not as lighthearted as the other ones, this one is just as important. This is to thank our police officers, fire fighters, soldiers, and similar people who should be getting paid more money than professional athletes. 
March 19: Poultry Day! Everyone’s favorite day to ponder which came first: the chicken or the egg over a chicken Caesar salad or fried chicken from Chick-fil-a!
March 20: Extraterrestrial Abductions Day! Sing that one Katy Perry song and watch “E.T” because it is a classic <3
March 21: Fragrance Day! (Spritzee, here I come!)
March 22: Goof-Off Day! Get on Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook- pick your procrastination poison!
March 23: Chip and Dip Day! There’s only one correct way to celebrate this, so choose carefully…
March 24: Chocolate Covered Raisin Day! I actually dislike raisins, so I will just make this chocolate day! (:
March 25: Waffle Day! Started in scenic Vaffeldagen, Sweden and spread like wildfire all over the world, celebrate the goodness with a light and lovely waffle covered in Nutella. You won’t regret it! 
This kitten is pumped about waffles!
March 26: Make Up Your Own Holiday Day!
March 27: National “Joe” Day! It doesn’t have to have to do with coffee if you don’t want it to, but rather blaming it on someone by the name of Joe if you were to be named Joe!
March 28: Something on a Stick Day! Celebrate with corndogs, popsicles, and then watching Jose Jalapeno!
March 29: Smoke and Mirrors Day! Perfect Day for illusions or a DIY magic show!
March 30: “I am in Control Here” Day! Perfect for trying out meditation for the first time!

March 31: Clams on a Half Shell Day! (What if you don’t like clams at all? Sad face…)

There are so many fun opportunities to make it the best month ever, right? One does not simply have to celebrate every single day (unless you want to..?) but in between classes, exams, and quizzes, a little lighthearted fun can do the spirit good!


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