Friday, January 31, 2014

Hypothermia, Meggings, and Flip Flops: Oh My!

So even though Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Epiphany have all passed- it is still cold outside sometimes. Now, I know I already made a post about ideas of what to wear before, but when I was sitting in my apartment and drinking my Caramel Flan Latte, I realized: when explaining the rules of a game to someone, one does not tell them what all they can do, but rather what they shouldn’t do. I mean, seriously- everyone has that memory of being in elementary school gym class and not always sitting out right away when it was time to play dodgeball. And what happened? The coach saw! Best case scenario? You could play it off as being on your way out. Worst case scenario? How about being branded a ‘cheater’ in front of the class and having that incorrigible ‘ooooooh’ sound when your classmates know someone’s about to get it.

A flashback could happen at any moment!
Horrible, awkward gym class memories aside- here is an interesting phenomenon that usually happens every year around when it is just after the winter holidays and just before spring. A few mornings ago, I was outside walking to my 8 am class and it was about 40 degrees outside when I checked my weather app. Needless to say, I was wearing boots, a coat, jeans, and a scarf. In front of me were two people (not one but TWO!) wearing short shorts, tank tops, and flip flops. They were complaining about how cold it was and all I could think of was, “Of course you are going to be cold when you don’t have any clothes on!”

To avoid looking seasonally confused, I have compiled a list of What Not to Wear:

-If there’s a risk for your lips to be turning blue, save your flip flops for another day. Why subject your toes to below freezing temperatures willingly? Blue toenails? Cute! Hypothermia? Not cute.

This captures the essence of a college student perfectly.
-If there’s frost on the car windshield, there’s your sign that you need a jacket, coat, sweater, whatever warming agent you would like to warm yourself with. There’s no shame in walking wrapped up in a blanket either.  

-Want to wear something bold and daring? Go for it. Wait! My neck is exposed! What if a winter loving vampire attacks me! That is okay. Wear a scarf and foil their attack. What scarves are also good for is keeping your neck warm and toasty. Don’t like having the ends dangling in the breeze? Wear an infinity scarf like a necklace. There are some really cool tricks on Pinterest on ways to tie them up too!

-Please, on behalf of all humanity, wear something to cover the lower half of your body. Jeans are a beautiful invention and they come in a wide variety of styles and shades. Yes, I know- tights are a “thing” and so are “meggings” (can we all just join together in a collective shudder of revulsion here?) But honestly if you want warmth, coverage, and durability (how often do jeans snag?)- jeans are the way to go?

Wear to even begin?

This cold weather isn’t going to last very long, but it is okay. Let’s make the most of this beautiful, fleeting time while it lasts!

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