Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Plan For Next Semester ... TODAY!

   One of my favorite things is to plan for the upcoming new semester before the old one has officially ended. My eyes light up with the thoughts of diligent studying, well-taken notes, and the constant stream of A+ grades I will receive.

   Reality doesn't change my grades, however it does change my study habits. While I always plan on doing my work ahead of time, I know deep down I am actually better at getting out a main draft of a paper then spending time cleaning it up. This is opposed to the idea of, say, creating multiple drafts of a paper week(s) before hand and then re-crafting the paper as you go. Still, everybody has their own unique study habits and you need to play to your strengths.

   One thing to do is look at how well your current (or, now previous?) semester has gone.  Did you have a hard time with one teacher and that teacher is select-able again for a class you need? Maybe, lighten your work load to accommodate. Did you find the courses you have options to select are easier? Maybe take one extra class to jump ahead of schedule and to help boost your GPA is you need/track that sort of thing?

   When you determine what courses you want to take, talk with the teachers about what will be expected of you. Talk to other students who have taken the class before. Look at what other priorities you will have as you make your choices.

   Plan for the future based on the knowledge of the past!




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