Friday, December 20, 2013

Have a crafty Christmas!

               ‘Tis the season to be jolly! These words spark joyous moments as people prepare for Christmas, one of the most beloved holidays. This is the season where you can genuinely feel that everyone is full of joy as family and friends strengthen their bonds. Let’s not also forget that there are presents! PRESENTS!!! We never stray away from the meaning of Christmas as you share memories with your loved ones, but presents are definitely something we look forward to every year!

                It is always nice to receive gifts, but definitely giving them is more fun! It is like a little scavenger hunt you go on. You go on the search to find out what your loved ones love and want. You start with asking little questions acting inconspicuous as possible. You then proceed to find their gifts in stores. There’s no greater feeling than knowing you gave people what they truly like.

                Buying presents can get extremely pricey, especially if you have numerous people on your list. Therefore, this year you should definitely think of a craftier angle. Making presents is just as fun and may cost way less than buying stuff.

                Again, you first research what your friends and family likes. Do they love certain colors? Do they love home décor, bath goods, phone accessories, etc.? You could also think of things they may not have at

Home decor idea
home that are needed. Do they want to decorate their bathrooms with cutesy themes? Do they need coasters and have talked about needing some? Little things like that can create a great impact as it shows you’re attentive to what they need as well as listening to them.

Delta Gamma creation
                Whatever you want to make is up to your discretion. Some great ideas for college students are

getting things that appeal to what’s trending or whatever organization they’re in. If you’re friends are in sororities, you can create paintings, cup sleeves or even clothes with their Greek letters and colors on them. If they’re in fraternities, you can create coasters, croakies, or even create designs on mugs with their letters on them.

                If you need ideas, try google of course. There are endless results that you can pull up to definitely find special ideas to make.

                Here are a few places you can go to get ideas and possible tutorials:

                So go on, get creative and get crafty!

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