Thursday, December 5, 2013

Frozen film review

   Disney and their animated films have been a staple for countless children growing up over decades. The quality of some films has waxed and waned every few years, but as a whole the House of Mouse has released what has to be considered the penultimate American animation features going back generations. While their entry into the field of CGI has been fraught with hits and misses, Frozen is a film that guarantees to please those who wants something new to watch with the family as well as those looking for Disney to continue their efforts into CGI.

   Frozen is very, very loosely based on the novel The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen. The film focuses on two siblings in the kingdom of Arendelle, the elder sister being named Elsa and the younger sister named Anna. Elsa is born with the ability to control/create snow, however this gift causes troubles for the royal family as the girls grow. The heart of the movie really is the bond of family that exists between Elsa and Anna, a bond that is tested frequently by things both mundane and magical.

   The film is amazing and continues the great trend in CGI Disney films that has been going on since Tangled and Wreck-It-Ralph. The film returns to older Disney roots of having the characters sing their songs, as well as take advantage of wide-screen CGI technology. The films songs are almost all great (with one or two here not exactly hitting the mark, but still being fun if pointless) and the vocal cast for the characters is top notch.

   Frozen is a genuine 9 out of 10 film. The only con is that the film lacks a proper villain (thus is lacks a villain song!) and some songs don't hit the mark all the time. Still, a solid film that is amazing!



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