Monday, December 16, 2013

Dress to impress!

                First impressions are a one time impact in your everyday life. There are those impressions you make on your new friends, co-workers or even potential love interests. You make such impressions with the way you talk, behave or treat others. But there is one fundamental aspect that goes forgone; dressing well.

                There is nothing wrong with wearing active wear such as basketball shorts and a t-shirt. But when it becomes your staple outfit of choice every day, it may give off the wrong idea. There are times where you wake up and say “I am too tired, I’m just going to wear whatever is available,” so it happens. But you’re doing this because you don’t care about what you wear that day, so in turn, you give off the image that you didn't put the effort to look good. It’s ok if it happens once or twice per week, but you should definitely try another alternative so you look and feel great!

         When you present yourself to people, they will immediately look at your exterior. We live in an era of superficiality where what you look like is important, especially when you’re young. It may be futile and ridiculous to worry so much about how you look, but it is truly for your benefit.

                Dressing well has its benefits. How do you think that a guy wearing a wrinkled white shirt with a stain on it, wearing shorts and flip flops will be treated in comparison to a polished, jeans and polo outfit that another guy wears? The other guy who dressed better will command respect and attention. There is a definite importance into enhancing your outfit of choice. It could make or break your first interactions with people.

Here's a general idea of style quality
                If you go into a job interview with a well-kept suit and tie, you will portray confidence, respectability and maturity. Why? Because you took the job interview serious. A boss wouldn’t typically hire a guy who wore flip flops to a job interview; Unless you live on the beach and are trying to apply for a life guard position. Maybe.

                Here are a few tips:
Polished casual
  •  Invest in a darker blue wash jeans
  •  Invest in polo shirts, collared button down shirts, and dress shirts
  •  Invest in shoes that can be dressed up for business casual but can also work for casual everyday style
  • Invest in a suit. Every guy should have a suit in his closet for any occurrence that one suit would be needed.

                By combining these items into your everyday wardrobe will definitely make your style great and impressionable. There is nothing better than feeling like you look good. When you dress well and look put together, you gain this sense of confidence. This confidence attracts positive attention that leads people to treat you well. There may be a love interest that will also look at you closely because you exude such confidence and look great.
Ideal look for a job interview

                If you need tips on what to wear or how to dress, feel free to go to men's lifestyle website like "ask men."

                If you're more of a magazine guy, feel free to check out magazines such as GQ or Details!

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