Tuesday, November 12, 2013

UT Tyler Spring 2014 Classes

Registration for classes for next semester began on November 1st. Registration is open to everyone and if you haven't already made your schedule, please do!
 If you need help navigating myUTTyler, Emmy made a blog post about it to guide you. If you haven't spoken to your advisor about your schedule and your degree plan, make an appointment.

Some students self-advise after their freshman year when they're required to go to a freshman advisor, but it's in your best interest to go see your advisor to make sure that you're on track. Your advisor can also give you the schedule of classes that your department is going to be teaching the following semester.

For our students that have applied for next spring, get an appointment with an advisor as soon as possible. The quicker you can get registered, the better chance you have at getting a schedule with the times you want and having to change your schedule around because some classes are closed.

The less classes you have left to finish your degree plan, the more registering is like The Hunger Games.

I had to take a research methods class last year as a senior requirement and as soon as I was able to register, I enrolled into it. Those are the kinds of classes that fill up quickly; I asked a classmate that was a year below me and he couldn't register the day after because the class was already closed. 

Get the hang of enrolling in classes and learn how to navigate myUTTyler like the back of your hand. You are going to need that skill when you're almost done with your undergrad career. 


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