Saturday, November 30, 2013

Random Holidays, December Edition

Okay, so I messed up. I didn't bring you the holiday joy in November, and I am very sorry for that. It was a busy month. Plus I figured that with all of the preparation for usual holidays and college finals, you guys might not have as much time to celebrate. My excuses are terrible.

I know, I know. ;__;
But I'm here when it counts! For those of you who think Christmas (25th), Hanukkah (Nov 27-Dec 5th), and Kwanzaa (Dec 26th- Jan 1st) are too mainstream and that New Years celebrations are for the lily-livered (or you wait to celebrate with another calender), I'm here to offer you good news. There is a solution. For you holiday hipsters and chronic revelers alike, here's a brand new list of December Holidays to consider celebrating, (and please remember to eat your sweets in moderation):

Hipster Santa

Some Monthly Observances: Bingo Month,Write a Friend Month, Human Right Month, and Tie Month!

Daily Calender
December 1st: World AIDS awareness day
December 2nd: National Fritters Day
December 4th:  Wear Brown Shoes Day (For when other shoes just wont do)
December 5th: Ninja Day
December 6th:  Miners' day (for those who still mine) OR Put your own Shoes on Day 
December 7th: Letter Writing Day and Pearl Harbor day, of course
December 8th: National Brownie Day 
December 9th: National Pastry Day (Two days of delicious!) 
December  10: Human Rights Day
December  11th:   Mountain Day
December 12th: Poinsettia Day
December 13th: Salesperson Day (Thank them for taking your money ...and hopefully their great service)
December 14th: Monkey Day (for acting like a monkey or promoting their rights as test subjects. Whichever is your thing.)
December 15th: Bill of Rights Day -for you history lovers- OR Cat Herders Day
December 16th: National Chocolate Covered Anything Day
December 17th: National Maple Syrup day
December 18th: National Cookie Baking Day
December 19th: Look For an Evergreen Day
December 20th: Go Caroling Day
December 21st: Winter Solstice~ Or consider celebrating Humbug Day OR Look on the Bright Side Day, depending on your outlook
December 22nd: Mother's Day in Indonesia
December 23rd: Festivus (The alleged holiday of choice for people who don't like/celebrate the other ones)
December 24th: Egg Nog Day!
December 25th: National Pumpkin Pie Day (For those of you not celebrating Christmas)
December 26th: Boxing Day (Not the sport) OR Thank You Note Day
December 27th: Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day
December 28th: Card Playing Day
December 29th: Tik-Tok Day (an alleged rush to finish everything you forgot to this year)
December 30th: Bacon Day (Is a joyous day for many)
December 31st: New Year's Eve, and apparently Unlucky Day

Got other cool things you like do in December? Got a favorite tradition for any holiday? Share em'! And Most of all, have a safe and warm Holiday season!!!

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