Sunday, November 24, 2013

Don't Find Out What the Fox Says

There has recently been a report of someone being bit by a coyote while on campus. Yes, those aren't just rumors: someone did actually get bit by one of the wild animals that call our campus home.

There have also been reports of students finding wild foxes and (harassing) signing "What does the fox say?" to them. Please don't. That makes them feel threatened, thus aggressive.


The campus' Department of Environmental Health and Safety has let us know that in order to avoid coming across an aggressive woods-dweller (and avoiding the above situation) and be kinder to our furry friends, don't feed the wild animals.
Wild animals that receive food from humans just once may become aggressive toward humans. 
Wild animals who depend on people for food can cause injuries or spread rabies and other diseases. 
Animals will eat anything with an odor including foil, plastic, and other wrappings that can damage the digestive system.
Human foods are not nutritious enough for animals and may cause serious health problems for them.
"Where's the food???!!!!"
Typically these animals come out at night, but will come out during the day, especially when ill.  If you see a coyote, fox, skunk, etc., during the day, stay away from them and call the Campus Police at 903-566-7300 or EH&S at 903-566-7011. 

Moral of the story: let the animals continue to do their animal things and do your own human things. Pretend the animals are a distant family member you see during special occasions and will ask you five hundred questions about college, your future, and your relationships. Don't make eye contact and hope they didn't notice you.

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