Thursday, November 21, 2013

Crossing the finish line!

           Who knew September 3rd of this year would mark the beginning of something that would change me. Fraternities were never something I saw myself joining. I felt that I didn't fit in the mold of what was portrayed through television and movies. Ever since recruitment began on that day, I have been so thankful of my decision to go through with it. I am thankful to have chosen Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

I have met 30 great men. Among them, 15 have shared the new member experience with me.

The bonds I have made with these guys have transcended my expectations. We've been through moments of laughter, of sadness and sometimes even moments of frustrations. But in the end, there is one thing that remained true; we are a brotherhood. We support each other. I've never experienced such close ties outside of my family.

This whole semester has been packed with different activities that have gotten me more involved with the fraternity. There has been intramural games where I support our team; Working the philanthropy events for Children’s Miracle Network such as the information tables and Monsters for Miracles on Halloween. I got involved with anything I was able to. I wanted to input as much as I could because I love this fraternity. Every small detail that I did, I did it because of my dedication to my brothers and the fraternity.
First group picture as all active members

It is with immense pride that I am able to say that I AM AN INITIATED MEMBER OF SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON!!!!!!!

I made it. There were times were balancing school and work took a toll on me, but I continued forward to get to here; to finally call all 30 members my brothers. Especially my SAE family consisting of my big brother and twin brother.
Big Brother and Twin 

Initiation was this past weekend were I was able to know all there is to know about SAE. All there is left now to become a full member is to receive my brother badge.

This past Sunday was my first chapter meeting as an active member; No longer a new member. I was able to participate in elections for the next executive members. These are:

  • Eminent Archon- The President. Acts as the face of SAE making sure to keep contact with the national fraternity. Makes sure the goals of the chapter are met.
  • Eminent Deputy Archon-The Vice President. Acts as the internal affairs member who keeps the chapter running from the members as well as keeping up with the committees involved.
  • Eminent Warden- makes sure that fraternity bylaws are followed
  • Eminent Recorder- Takes down the chapter minutes and makes sure records are dispersed to all members.
  • Eminent Treasurer-handles all the finances in the fraternity.

As a newly initiated member, I did not wish to run for these executive positions as I have not been in the chapter long enough to qualify for such high positions. I will however run for other positions this upcoming Sunday November 24, 2013.

I am running for Eminent Chaplain and Eminent Correspondent. Chaplain is basically the Dr. Phil, as he councils and offers advice to those who need spiritual and personal advice. I feel that I am able to carry these roles as I genuinely care for my brothers and would like to be the person anyone can confide in.

Eminent Correspondent is the member in charge of taking care of the newsletter. He makes sure that the fraternity gets publicized about their public engagements. I would like to run for this position because it correlates with my PR major and what I will be doing is closely related to writing news releases about SAE.

I want to run because I want to get more involved so I can contribute to the chapter as a whole. Rushing was the best idea I’ve had in a while as I am able to bond with 29 other brothers.

If you would like more information about UT Tyler Greek Life click here.

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