Friday, October 25, 2013

The Magic of Music

   Nothing perhaps encapsulates so much about the American college system like Patriot Idol. For those who do not know, Patriot Idol is one event that makes up the tapestry of Homecoming celebrations. Homecoming, much like how an Emperor would return to Rome in glory, sees current students and faculty engage in events to commemorate/celebrate alumni, current students, and the University of Texas at Tyler itself.

Actual Homecoming may not contain horses, screaming throngs, or Emperors. Check your local listing.
   This year I was lucky enough to have attended the 2013 Patriot Idol finals. While I did not see the semi-finals, this years closing contestants did wonderfully and I can't say enough about their musical talent as opposed to my own.

    The music covered a wide ranger of tunes, instruments ( girls with guitars seems "in" this year ), and skill. From one artists who was cable to become a human beat-box ...

Artists depiction of said human beat-bix-ing-awesomeness
 ... to one gentleman who sounded exactly like Elvis. EXACTLY. It was amazing and he sang like a genuine angel.

All writer depictions of events may not mirror your own. 
All in all it was a packed house with many, many great singers. If you ever get the chance, come out and see the Patriot Idols perfomances from the auditions, to the semi-finals, to the musical conclusion.

Special congratulations to Jerard Thomas for winning!

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