Sunday, October 13, 2013

Navigating Patriots Jobs!

One of the many perks of going to this wonderful university is that we have an awesome website for students(and alumni) to find jobs. Patriot Jobs is the name of the website for those who want to further inquire this post. You can find on campus and off campus jobs through the website. So you are not limited to just finding an on campus job through the website.  
For those who are technically challenged, you can simple type into "patriot jobs" into Google. You should get the same results as below. If you do not, you can expand your search in Google by adding "ut tyler" to your already searched "patriot jobs".

After you find your way to the opening web page of Patriot jobs. You will be prompted to register your information and enter into the site. You will be prompted to fill a profile with your information. You can fill as much information as you feel as necessary. After you fill out the profile, you can now upload your resume into the system. Your resume will be previewed by those who are at Career Services. They will advice you on what is best to put on your resume and how to properly format it. 
   After your resume is finally approved by Career Services, the next step in your final countdown to getting your job is finding and applying for the jobs. You can browse the jobs you using the upper task-bar and finding the tab that says "jobs & internships". Within the page, you will then narrow down your search to whatever pleases you so.Here is an example of what your search would be if you were looking for all the current on campus jobs that are posted.

That's the best guide for this awesome website from a computer information systems.
 If you have any questions about the site, you can ask them here and I can see if I can answer them or I can send you in the right direction to the questions answered (this is my antidote for calls, it is now basically a mantra) 

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