Saturday, October 5, 2013

It's fall at UT Tyler! How are you spending your season?

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year! As I told you in a previous blog, the leaves begin to change color and the air becomes more brisk.  Now, the question is how will you plan to spend your time in this most wonderful time of year? Will you be staying inside watching television? Or will you go out and enjoy the best time of the year?!

Our culture has evolved to one of constant avoidance of the outdoors.  I constantly hear people say things like “If I have to leave my apartment, then I don’t want to.” People would much rather stay inside and browse Facebook or play video games.  What often happens is that we spend so much time inside that we miss the beautiful weather and the beauty of our surroundings!  Thus, I have compiled yet another list for you! This time, it is a list of things to help you get out of your house, and enjoy the most perfect time of year!

Go for a hayride!
When I was still in grade school, every Halloween we would have a party at my house.  At this party every year, my grandfather would bring one of his tractors to my house and pull a trailer out in his pastures and through the forests we had near my house.  A hayride is a great way to ring in the season, as it gives you an opportunity to just ride around the countryside and take in the beautiful scenery while breathing the fresh fall air. 

Take a drive in the country
If the above suggestion does not quite work for you, or you just cannot find a hayride near you, then simply driving around the countryside is an acceptable substitute.  You will still be able to see the leaves changing colors, and if you find a nice spot, then you can even get out of your car and sit on the hood, or if you have a truck, lower the tailgate and sit and just take in the scenery.

Jump in a pile of leaves
This is a pretty simple one, but can be so rewarding! Leaves will be falling to the ground (thus, the name of the season) so you can rake them into a pile, and then jump into them! This is great for nostalgic purposes, but can also serve to eliminate some stress, or just release your inner child! Just because, here’s a cute dog showing you how it should be done. 

Carve a pumpkin
If you never did this as a kid, then it’s definitely something you should try! Carving a pumpkin is a great way to celebrate Halloween, and if you put enough work into it, your result can look pretty cool! 

Throw a Halloween party
If you don’t have any friends who are hosting a Halloween party, then throw one yourself! Even better, make it a costume party! That’s a great way to bring everyone together to enjoy the beautiful season.  If you have access to a fire pit, then roast hot dogs or even make smores over the open fire.  

Make a Halloween costume
This is a great way to occupy some of your free time.  Drop by a costume store, or even a craft store to pick up the materials to make your own costume, instead of relying solely on whatever your closest Wal-Mart has in stock.  This way you get to express your more creative side!

Go walk around in some leaves
This is another really simple one that you could probably combine with jumping into the leaves, but I felt that it deserved it's own section.  This is something that we often neglect with the fall.  Take time to enjoy the little things, like stepping on a leaf and hearing its fresh crunch.  Take time to enjoy the nature!

Breath in the fresh fall air
Yet another simple thing, but again, it is the simple things that make life worth living.  Enjoy the opportunity to breath some cool morning air during the month of October and be thankful that you have that opportunity.

If there is one thing I would want you to take from this blog, it would be to enjoy the little things in life, like the crunch of a leaf under your shoe, or the feeling of fresh air going into your lungs.  Life is beautiful.  Nature is awesome.  Take time to appreciate it!

 Your list of what to do during fall may look a little different, but this should be a beginning of how to enjoy your fall!  Do you have additional ideas? Post them in the comments so your fellow readers and I can enjoy them! 

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