Monday, October 28, 2013

Fun Fall Drinks From Across the Pond

One of my favorite things to do is get some friends together and try drinks that are different from our own. Sometimes these quests work out great and other times not so much, but they make for great adventures and for great stories! This is what happened when we went to Asia World Market in scenic Plano, Texas:

Caution: May cause salivation and happiness
Yeo’s White Gourd Drink- country of origin: Malaysia. So my little brother and I like to dare each other to try new things and this happened to be my particular dare. When I first popped the tab, I was terrified that it was going to taste disgusting, but a dare is a dare.  I mean, honestly: white gourd drink? Does that even sound appetizing? When I took the first sip of the drink, I was amazed. It was absolutely DELIGHTFUL. It tasted like hazelnut coffee without that first cautious sip! 

Ooooh, the colors!
Ramune- country of origin: Japan. So I tried original at first, and let me tell you- it made a believer out of me. I was a skeptic because I heard that a marble floated around inside of the drink to prevent against the consumer drinking too fast and causing indigestion. How thoughtful! The original tasted like a less carbonated version of Mountain Dew, and it didn’t set my teeth on edge. It was delicious and a subdued sweet instead of burning all the way down like most lemon lime sodas. I highly recommend this for people who love soda, but want to stay away from that stinging carbonation feeling. 

May cause: warm fuzzy feelings and Flintstones music
Chiao Kuo Papaya Milk Drink- country of origin: Taiwan.This one totally knocked my socks off! When I first saw it, I was expecting it to taste like your average, run of the mill milk tea. Oh no. This was so much more. The second I opened the tab on this one I knew I was in for a treat. I tried it chilled and it tasted exactly like Fruity Pebbles. This drink is delicious Fruity Pebbles in a can, with no soggy cereal to suffer through or dirty dishes to have to deal with, ladies and gentlemen; I have found the Holy Grail of breakfast drinks. The flavor is nostalgic and sweet, but not overbearingly so to where you feel like you are drinking a soda. It lacks the aftertaste and thickness of milk. 

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