Monday, September 30, 2013

Snows cones that will cause you to Shiver with goodness

             If you haven’t noticed, Texas weather is for lack of better words…cray cray. Some days it’s hot like the sun just decided to hover above us and say “oh hey! I’m just hanging here for a bit,” but other days, it becomes really cold even if we’re in the South. Summer is over, but there is a delicious icy treat that we don't let fall take from us.

                I’m talking about snow cones!!! If you’re like me, they remind me of my childhood days where I used to run to the truck where the snow cone man sold these cooling treats; though you don’t have to run anymore as there is a snow cone stand that is a drive-thru service. YOU MUST GO TO SHIVER’S SNOW CONES!

                These snow cones are not only amazing but they are just plainly satisfying. There are tons of different flavors that I cannot write here. Isn't that convincing enough? I think so!

Watermelon flavored snow cone

     My favorite is watermelon flavor. I haven’t tried anything else because I have completely been swooned by this red icy perfection. The ice is so soft, not even crunchy, depending on who makes it. The flavors do not taste artificial at all, so it makes me believe that they’re naturally flavored.

                Don’t be afraid to try it, I guarantee you will be overjoyed by what you taste. These snow cones are so perfectly made; I will never enjoy another snow cone from anywhere else.

                They sell other things, such as pretzels, nachos and smoothies, but honestly, I’m too focused on getting my snow cone that I disregard these options. Though I will definitely have to try them and you should too!
                Check out today's weather to see if you're in the mood for one.

                For directions to the snow cone stand from UT Tyler, click here!

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