Sunday, September 29, 2013

New restaurant opening next door

                In a small city like Tyler, nothing ever goes unnoticed; especially when there’s news of new restaurants being built. Why? BECAUSE WE LOVE FOOD. This is America. Even though we stopped super sizing everything, we still enjoy every single gram of salt and sugar. This includes burgers, hot dogs and milkshakes. We are a culture of living life to the fullest so we enjoy eating things that are delicious and satisfying. #YOLO.

                Right next to Ornelas Hall across University Boulevard there is a new plot being prepared for a new establishment. This will not be another bistro or fancy place, it will be an all-American burger joint where you will be happy digging into steak burgers and succulent fries. Steak ‘N Shake has come to Tyler!!

This isn’t your run of the mill burger place. This restaurant goes beyond burgers and fries. There’s their staple milkshakes ranging from different flavors like chocolate chip cookie dough or the vanilla M&M’s shake. They offer breakfast options ranging from hash brown and scrambled egg skillets to even pancakes. Lunch and dinner consist of just juicy burgers, fries, hotdogs, and an array of options. Yes, you have options. There’s no definite #1’s or #4’s that you have to name, this is much more than that.

There’s even a $4 dollar menu. This means you can get your burger and fries for cheap. You can’t tell college students this. There’s nothing that motivates us more than cheap food. We will opt out of eating a fancy meal just for something on the $1 menu at McDonald’s. Is this healthy? Probably not, but we’re on a budget.

One of my favorite parts is that the place is open basically 24 hours. If you want to eat breakfast for midnight, you can. If you want food at 3 a.m. but you don’t want to go far for Whataburger; you can! This will definitely be one of the hot spots that college students will be going to for its accessibility. There’s nothing worse that foregoing those late night cravings because nothing is open that late at night.

There’s even a chance that by the time they finish building the establishment, they will be hiring. That means…you get a job, you get a job, you all get a job!!! Well maybe.

So let’s hope they finish building this place fast so we can enjoy some burgers!


Ashley Harvey said...

Have they started building it yet?

V~Johnson said...

They started back building it. Would love to know when they are expecting to open. If anyone knows please share!

Brandon Moore said...

Scooter's Coffee is scheduled to open the 2nd week of July, Steak N Shake the last week of July and Republic Icehouse the last week of August

Anonymous said...

Hooray. I'm from the mid west and I love steak and shake. Can't wait!!!

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