Sunday, September 15, 2013

Off Campus Living

I spent two glorious years of carefree zombie walking to class every morning before I took the axe and moved off campus. No longer can I zombie walk 15 minutes before class starts.
Living off campus has its benefits but it does fall short on something the living on campus has and shines brightly. That something is the sense of community that fosters from on campus living.

Resident Advisor's get a budget and plan events for their residents. This in result creates a great feeling of community when all the hungry college students join in to feast on the free food.
I could be a little bias when it comes to this because I had two great RA’s and was buddies with a few others.  It also doesn’t help that I met my ball and chain of a boyfriend three years ago at an RA sponsored field trip to see THE LION KING 3D.

Resident Advisors’s sponsor events but they are not the only campus events going on.
One of my basic principles in life if you haven’t noticed is that if there is free food, you should go if you can.
Looking at the student life and leadership calendar, I found a CAB sponsored Waffle thing-a-may-jig on the 10th from 9am to 11am. Sadly, that opportunity has already past but have no fear because another event will arise.

I leave you with a goodbye of "feels" of from "our childhood"

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