Thursday, February 28, 2013

Apartment Hunting!

I’m FINALLY at that stage when I’m all ready to get my big girl apartment J    I have been looking forward to this since last year! I have been living at Patriot Village her on campus since Freshman year but I am definitely ready to get more responsibility and more freedom (maybe get a  puppy  ) that comes with an off campus apartment.

First off, I never fully realized how much WORK I have to put into finding just the right place. My roommates and I want to live together next semester, and obviously their wants are also factored into our apartment decision making. And the more people your living with, the more factors you have to take into consideration. I realized that this might be a long process, and we can’t just go somewhere and say, “yes!” to the apartment just based off on certain things like maybe, how the apartment looks. I soon realize that there’s also other factors needed to be considered, such as the safety of the place or how far the place is from school! So many things we have to consider so, these are the factors I would advise people to look into when looking for apartments.

 Floor plan: This one is really obvious, if you are living with other people you need to look at what the floor plans they offer. I started noticing that most of the apartment complexes have 1 bed/1 bath, 2 bed /2 bath, 3 bed/ 2 bath and 4 bed/ 3 baths. Like I said this is majority of the apartments that I have looked at. As you see, there are floor plans where there are 3 bedrooms but just 2 baths, so you would have to figure out and talk among roommates who would be able to share bathrooms.

**As a side note, the “master bedrooms” in apartments are bigger and have their own bathroom that is connected. This might seem funny to most, but like I said this is my VERY first time ever even venturing out looking for apartments on my own, I found out that whoever gets the master bedroom would pay more than the other roommates. Just something to keep in mind

 The neighborhood/ security: This is something parents are really keen into finding out. Definitely look around the neighborhood and see how it is and how you feel about it. If you realize that you probably would feel uncomfortable coming home at night and going into your apartment then you know that is NOT the place for you! To me, if the complex is gated then it is definitely a PLUS! Also, check out Tyler Police . This website allows you to access apartment complex crime information. “The column on the left provides you detailed information on crimes reported in all apartment complexes in the City of Tyler by month.” 


 Price/ Distance from school: Price is a really big factor to take into consideration. Of course we all want to save money, so always remember that the rent per month might be low but see what the rent includes. Does it include water, electricity ( in most cases this is not included), waste disposal, internet? Most of the apartments I have found are just rent without those other utilities. So even though it looks like a good price for rent, be SURE to add in water, electricity, cable, internet, and whatever else you might want! And you better believe those things add up! The downside of living off campus is having to drive. So also take into consideration that you will be spending more money on gas since you will be driving to school now!    

Amenities: See what the complex offers and what comes with the apartment! Most apartments off campus are not going to have furniture unfortunately, but at least be sure that it has kitchen appliance (stove, fridge, dish washer). Cause those are things that will be VERY expensive to buy on your own! Most apartments also do not have washer and dryer in the apartment BUT have laundry rooms! YAYJ Be sure to look into what the apartment complex has to offer! Pool, park, grill, movie rentals, and other recreational bonuses, be sure to check those out! 
         If you’re like me, and you don’t want to officially move out of your parent’s house, as in you take all your furniture from back home and move it to your apartment then look for alternative things you can do! My roommate told me that when her sister moved out she just got a day bed! Or a futon! Also, since thrifting is a really huge thing now, go to Goodwill or a consignment store ! They actually have pretty decent stuff! Everyone would like model homes as their place but let’s be real. WE’RE COLLEGE STUDENTS! It’s ok if you’re furniture don’t match or you got it second hand! You will realize that once you have enough money and furnitures starts to get old, that’s when you start working towards replacing them and ultimately getting furnitures that you will take to your new apartment or even your very first home!

I hope this is helpful to you guys! I still have a LOOONNGG ways to go until I  can write about moving in to a new apartment like fellow blogger Michael, but I am SO excited! The process might be long (and I’m very impatient) but it will be worth it in the end! If you guys have any recommendations or have any suggestions about apartments please let me know! That would be very helpful :) 

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