Monday, August 12, 2013

Transitioning done right... College edition

                Senior year of high school can be the best year out of your whole high school experience. You've been through the awkward lunch table woes of freshman year, the “limbo” stage of sophomore year, the premature junior “coolness” of almost being a senior, and then finally you’re on top of the ladder.

                Lunch time is shared with laughter and joy, your homecoming dance is special as it is your last, and then the much anticipated Prom occurs. The last hoorah! The time where your fellow class men join together before graduation. Once that cap is thrown in the air, there’s a moment of introspection. You've reached adulthood once 18 comes around. You are now ready to set your foot into responsibility as you head off to college.

                A new start can be liberating. You are coming to a new place, trying new things. Change is always good. You get to meet new people and mold yourself into a fine adult. This isn't like freshman year of high school where everything is awkward and there’s a social ladder to climb. In college, maturity prevails. There’s really no social hoops to go through. Really, who’s going to know all 6,900 students that attend here. No one.

                The first day may be intimidating, but it always is when the unexpected looms around you.
                The best way for you to have a smooth transition is by :
1.       Get acquainted with your college
a.       Take a campus tour
b.      Attend Freshman Orientation
2.       Research student organizations
3.       Get acquainted with your professors

Many incoming students don’t take orientation into consideration, but it is a really helpful transitioning tool as you get to see the campus, meet organizations and meet other freshmen who you end up hanging out with. Trust me! This summer I have seen many freshmen becoming friends during the orientation sessions.

Once you begin school there will be a week where different student organizations meet and greet new students. Take advantage of this opportunity to get involved. It’s better to start getting involved from the beginning of school so that you don’t just sit in your dorm room when your school work is done.

Finally, know thy teachers! Your professors are one of the most important factors of having a successful college career. They will be with you along the way every semester. Speaking from experience, getting to know your professors helps you feel more engaged in classroom discussions. You’re not just another head in the crowd. Our professors are here to help when you ask. They care about your education. So don’t be afraid to pop in their office once in a while.

So for all of you incoming freshmen worried about your first year out of home, or your first time alone in another city; don’t fret. You will have one of the best experiences in your life. Just get excited for this fresh change to come and free your mind from expectations.


mighty said...

wow if it is as see as that as you post my life would be easier but the bad news is that is nowhere in between real life it is a harsh world out there better be prepared

Keerin said...

Worst case scenario, you're right. But coming to college and the social aspect really doesn't have to be scary.

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