Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Taking Time to Say Thanks

   Look, college is a busy time for everyone. Our course instructors take the time to teach the class, plan coursework, grade papers, etc... The office workers ( like those in Financial Aid, Housing, the departmental Offices ) have to keep track of emails, projects, the different Chair/Department Head's needs, and all this is nothing to what the higher ups in Administration work with.

   In perspective, having to take a few tests are not as hard on your day as the days of you Instructors are normally.

   For example, imagine how many students the workers up front at the Admissions/One Stop desk see in a n hour? In a day? In a week? Imagine what the first week of Fall is like?


   It's a hurricane.

   Of people.

   That silly Sharknado movie? Imagine that, but with incoming freshmen and returning students.

   We are all now approaching the start of yet another amazing semester here at the University of Texas at Tyler. if you get a chance, thank the people you see behind these diverse desks for the work they do.

   They deserve it!

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