Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mentoring new students for a better transition

                The school year has begun this past Monday August 26. The excitement and anxiousness of the first day of classes has been looming all summer. There are those who are returning students, as well as new incoming freshmen. These groups of students are fresh and new to college. Some can feel lost and confused, while others are accustomed to change.

                The transition from high school to college can be difficult. This has prompted UT Tyler to create a program that can assist freshmen with getting familiar with this new environment. The Patriot Freshman Connection program was developed to aid freshmen in their transition from high school. This program consists of a peer mentor who is assigned to a group of freshmen with similar majors. They also get a faculty/staff mentor assigned to them.

                I have decided to participate in this program to help new students feel like home in a new campus, especially those that are away from their family/friends back home.

                The purpose of a peer mentor is to provide new students with someone that has been through the experiences they will go through. I will be in charge of helping new students find ways to get involved on campus. I will inform them of events that happen every month through e-mail. I will also be a friend to whoever feels like they need somebody to talk to.

                This experience is a continuation of my summer as an orientation leader. I will share the same leadership roles to make these students have a good first year of college. The PFC mentor meet and greet occurred Tuesday August 27, but I was unable to meet the students in my group as they were absent. That's alright though because Facebook will help me get connected!!

                It all comes down to your college experience. The first year can at times be difficult, either through class stress, being homesick or even feeling alone. Regardless of what reason it may be, having someone to help you transition to the best four years of your life can mean a lot to some. I want to empower people throughout my life, and I love helping others when they need it. This opportunity will provide me the satisfaction of knowing that those assigned to my group can have somebody to confide in anytime, but it will also strengthen my interpersonal skills.

For more information about the PFC program click here 
If you would like to become a PFC mentor click here 
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