Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Tyler Beauty and the Beast Bike Tour

Recently I was told about the Tyler Bicycle Club, a group of cycling enthusiasts and other supporters of the cycling community in Tyler and other parts of East Texas.  Membership for the club includes novice cyclists who are encouraged to take part in the joys of the activity, as well as experienced cyclists who wish to continue improving in the activity that they love. 

The Tyler Bicycle Club is a growing organization, and they are looking for new cycling enthusiasts from the area!  The group partakes in group rides, cycling tours, and many other activities meant to reach out to the community.  If you are interested in the organization, check out their website for more information!

Perhaps the most famous cycling event that the club sponsors is the Beauty and the Beast Bike Tour, a 67-mile bike tour through the hills of East Texas.  Cyclists get to see the beauty of East Texas throughout the bike ride, and then, they tackle The Beast, a 7/10ths of a mile ride from Nixon to Highway 69.  The video below discusses how brutal this part of the race is…it is a doozy.

Joseph Canter and Addison Day produced the following video about the Beauty and the Beast Bike Tour, a fantastic yearly event that both supports the community, and allows cyclists to come together and take part in a long ride, something that they all enjoy.  Check out the website for the Beauty in the Beast Bike Tour for more information! 

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