Sunday, July 28, 2013

Shopping centers for UT Tyler students! Grab that plastic!

                You’re waiting patiently in line, machines beeping, associates speaking, and then it’s your turn. You turn over your future belongings and then you slide your card. There’s no other thrill like sliding a card and having bought something.
                People play tennis, others play soccer, but some play the sport of shopping. Yes it’s a sport. You compete against other buyers when there’s a sale, you make sure you get the advantage of the best price for your size; you hustle towards something you like hoping someone won’t take it from you.
                Shopping has a mental component. You constantly battle internally against what you need and what you want. Oh these shorts are what I need, but that shirt would look really great! But oh you have a million shirts already, but you don’t have that specific one. You fight the urge to spend what you don’t have.
                But it’s all alright, because shopping enables us to escape the stresses of the world as we try on different things. A great look can make you feel more confident and put a smile on your face. It can also impress that special someone.
                So I will tell you some great places you can go to in Tyler with the best deals.
                Yes we do have the Broadway Square Mall, but some of the stores are a little out of our budget. Except for some stores like The Body Shop and Wet Seal for girls, and American Eagle and G by Guess for guys.
                There are shopping centers around town that have great deals for marked down prices. Two of my favorites are Marshall’s and Ross. They have any brand you would like, well except for the high fashion brands. But that’s alright because not all of us can afford to spend that much.
                Marshalls is full of great brands like Polo by Ralph Lauren, Nautica, Guess, Chaps, and many more. They have shoes at great prices; they have shirts, pants, dresses, hair products, and even home décor. It’s a great pass time. But one of my favorite things about it is that they offer layaway, meaning you can put some items on hold and make payments on them. Convenient? I think so!
                Ross is just the same as Marshall’s, but without the layaway. If you can’t find something in one store you can go to another.
                There are other stores that really offer great quality of clothes, such as Macy’s, Khol’s, Target, and there’s even boutiques that offer unique items that you won’t find anywhere else in town.
                So take out that plastic, spend wisely, and feel great!


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