Friday, July 19, 2013

East Texas All-Star Showcase

As some of you may already be aware, Tyler is home to a plethora of local music ready at any time to enter your ears and expand your mind. However, even less of you are aware of the East Texas All-Star Showcase happening on September 7th in Downtown Tyler’s Square. This is the 3rd annual event, and it plans to showcase the best of the best in East Texas music. This year will mark the first appearance of local garage rock band Channel 8.

Even fewer people who are aware of the showcase are aware of my second band, Channel 8. I actually split my musical time between The Problem Preachers and a garage rock band. Channel 8 is a two-piece collaboration consisting of me on guitar and vocals, along with Casey Coomer of Man & Knife. Those of you who frequent The Coffin Shop most likely have met Casey. Along with Adam Russell, Casey is half the inner workings of The Coffin Shop.

Over the past two years Casey and I have been filling in open slots at The Coffin Shop as well as other places around Tyler. In fact, our next show is scheduled for August 22nd at Yamato on the West Loop in Tyler. Channel 8 started out of Casey and I jamming and mostly making stuff up live on stage as we played. So, you can say, that we are mostly a garage rock band while doing a Tegan and Sara cover or maybe a Beck song here and there.

So when all you Patriots come back or for the first time this Fall you have a couple of local concerts to look forward to. So it’s time to start getting psyched for the upcoming fall semester at UT Tyler and all the city of Tyler has to offer!

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