Sunday, June 23, 2013

First transfer orientation was Friday, May 31!

The transition has started. There are those who come from a community college and begin to transfer to a four year university. Some may even just transfer from some other university. Of course, they will most likely choose The University of Texas at Tyler because this campus is the best.
I myself was a transfer student when I arrived this past fall 2012. I transitioned from a community college. It was a big change. There are more people, more organizations, and just plain beauty such as the on campus lakes providing an outdoor ambiance when you sit at the UC Patio.
Coming to UT Tyler was the best choice I could think of. It is located in a great community, the campus is clean, and the people genuinely want to learn and get a degree.
This was the first orientation of the summer, and it was my first orientation that I helped in. I am an Orientation Leader this summer at UT Tyler. I will be aiding freshman and transfer students in getting acquainted with our campus. 
I started with checking-in students and guests
The weather was not as hot as I thought it would be, so the tours were favorable. I got to check in students and their guests as they came into the University Center.  I felt sort of official that day!
Transfer orientation is just letting transfer students see the campus as they arrive the following semester. They get to meet with their colleges and get informed on what their majors are about. They get to see different organizations and services that our campus provides.
This was a great start to the orientations as it allowed me to experience what it would be like to help future students in their transition to our campus!
If any of you will be attending orientation this summer, keep a look out for my name on my name tag!
If you all need to register for orientation or find out more information about it, go to

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