Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dallas' First Blog Post (Yes, Like the City) for the UT Tyler Student Blog

Hello to the followers of the UT Tyler Student Blog!  My name is Dallas Flick, and I am a junior Speech Communication/Political Science major at The University of Texas at Tyler.  I write this introductory post during my first day as a member of the UT Tyler Telecommunications team, which to this point has been an extremely exciting process.  I am very grateful for this position, not only because I have the opportunity to communicate with current and future students at UT Tyler, but also because it is my first employment position that includes air conditioning and desk chairs.

I was born in Denton, Texas, and since then have lived in Texas all my life.  I graduated from Aubrey High School in Aubrey, Texas in May of 2011, and since then have been a full-time student at UT Tyler.  Since my high school years, I have always held an interest in communication, current events, politics, and other social issues, all of which I was able to channel into competitive debate.  After debating in high school for three and a half years, I continued my debate career by enrolling at UT Tyler, and joining the parliamentary debate team on campus.  

My main focus during my time in Tyler, Texas has been intercollegiate debate, but now I have another outlet for expressing my personal interests and opinions, while at the same time, showing current and prospective students how UT Tyler can allow everyone that same privilege.  My experiences through this institution have shaped me into a better writer, student, and overall person, and I firmly believe that any student in this school can have the same personal transformation.  I hope that with this student blog, others will be able to see that more clearly.  

Outside of classes and debate, I am a pretty relaxed person.  I love all types of music and movies, reading literature within my academic fields (and well as the occasional Stephen King novel), I play far too many video games, and naps are generally included in my daily schedule.  My specific interests in these areas will most likely become prevalent in future posts, with the hope that I can connect them to one of my several experiences at UT Tyler.  

I am very excited about this new opportunity, and I hope you will see that through my future posts.  I have already posted some pictures and stories about my college experience so far on the UT Tyler Pinterest and Tumblr pages, so check it out.  This should be fun!

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