Monday, April 1, 2013

News From What About Kabob in Tyler

Here at the Call Center we have written several blogs in the past concerning local eatery What About Kabob. It’s probably because this gyro place is so darn tasty. I’m pretty sure a majority of the communications team here at UT Tyler have dreamed of bathing in their Grenade Sauce. So, it is no surprise that one of would be mentioning it yet again.

Local hot spot What About Kabob has something special in store for all of you. Now I’m not talking about their delicious Feta Fingers which run out faster than you can say gluten free hummus or the special $1 tacos which you have to follow them on Facebook to know about. Or the Wednesday only Gyro Nachos which I personally could not finish in the hour I allotted myself (fresh baked pita ships with nacho cheese and gyro meat and gargle drool fkjaslifjo) Excuse me while I collect myself.

Mmmmm. TACOS RULE!!!

My friends! What About Kabob now has for sale copies of Sunday Service and Priscilla Precise by The Problem Preachers. At $5 a piece these are perfect additions to anyone’s masterful music collection. Sunday Service features such titles as “Mountaintop” and “Black Tar Veins” tearing up the imaginary airwaves since March of last year with Priscilla Precise just hitting the scene with great such as title track "Priscilla Precise" and "Billy Barnes".

Sunday Service                                                                            Priscilla Precise 

So if you’re interested in good food and good music at the same time then What About Kabob is the place to be in Tyler. Plus, if you don’t like the music the cases make great coasters!


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