Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My experience at the Spring 2013 Job Fair!

As promised, I came back to share my experience with you guys at the job fair I went to today here at UT Tyler. This job fair was really important for me because I am in the middle of finding an internship. And the University Center was packed with so many people looking for the opportunity to explore their options.
This job fair was held in UC ballroom and outside the ballroom; they had name tags with their major for people who had already registered for job fair online. They also had a table for people who did not get a chance to register online and can register for it on the spot.
When I entered the ballroom, I was introduced to a girl who gave me an overall idea on what was going on. She asked me my major and directed me to the tables that she though would be in my best interest.
The first table I went to was of course the ETMC, where I learned that unfortunately they didn’t have any positions open, but they did take my resume and told me to keep an eye on their website for any available positions for future. Next I went to the UT Health Clinic table, where they had a lot of positions opened for a job, but not anything for an intern. After browsing through so many other marketing and retailer companies, I finally stopped at The Trinity Mother Frances table. The lady at that table gave me a lot of useful information about what I can do to apply for my internship there.
So even though, I didn’t come out with what I was looking for, it was a really nice experience to just meet different people and the employers.
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