Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spring Break = STUDY?!

   So, as we approach this joyful time of Spring Break, remember that while the freedom might be invigorating, it is also limited. Take this well deserved time off to ( wait for it ) … actually study.

   I am serious, don’t laugh or scoff! Think how rare it is that you actually get THIS much time off school ( and work, in some cases! ). You have  great opportunity to be able to carve out some serious “you time,” but you can also get a LOT accomplished to make coming back after mid-terms a breeze.
-          Re-read older material and look through upcoming material in your classes.

-             Take breaks and have fun, don’t just “study, study, study” all the time. Maybe every other day?
-          Think on things you normally get to do … and do them! ( but then, study! )

   I don’t advise you study because I am a sad-sack with no friends! I love them and seeing them means a great deal, but so does not wasting a week when I could finish a draft of three papers AND study up for a test that will be two weeks after I get off break.

Manage your time.

Have fun.

Study hard, where allowable.


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